Example Project Structure for a Python / PyPI Project

project template python
pip install pyprojecttemplate==0.2.0




Example Project Structure for a Python / PyPI Project


Note that this supports Python 3 ONLY

Basic Usage

Warning eggs are deprecated in favor of wheels, and not supported by pip.

This project is a sample template used to aggregate the process of

  • Laying out a python project
  • Using setuptools build system to
    • to facilitate packaging Python projects
    • Python package and module definitions
    • Distribution package metadata
    • Project installation

Outline the process to

  • Create Python Eggs - a single-file importable distribution format
  • Automatically include all packages in your source tree, without listing them individually in
  • Automatically generate wrapper scripts or Windows (console and GUI) .exe files for any number of “main” functions in your project. (Note: this is not a py2exe replacement; the .exe files rely on the local Python installation.)

Command Reference


For example, to produce a source distribution, simply invoke:

python sdist

Detailed instructions to distribute a setuptools project can be found at Packaging project tutorials. []

Before you begin, make sure you have the latest versions of setuptools and wheel:

python -m pip install --user --upgrade setuptools wheel

To build a setuptools project, run this command from the same directory where is located:

python sdist bdist_wheel

This will generate distribution archives in the dist directory.

Uploading to

Before you upload the generated archives make sure you’re registered on []. You will also need to verify your email to be able to upload any packages. You should install twine to be able to upload packages:

python -m pip install --user --upgrade twine

Now, to upload these archives, run:

python -m twine upload --repository-url dist/*

To install your newly uploaded package example_pkg, you can use pip:

python -m pip install --index-url example_pkg

If you have issues at any point, please refer to Packaging project tutorials for clarification.


Patrick Shiel:


MIT License