Common / reusable utilities for a Pyramid web application.

pip install pyramid_weblayer==0.14.7


Common / shared utilities for a Pyramid web application. (Some originally re-factored from the depreciated weblayer micro-framework).

I generally use this package as a home for simple bits of code that are reusable across Pyramid applications, i.e.: stuff I've written once for a project and then extracted for use across multiple projects.

Highlights include:

  • a subscriber to validate incoming requests against cross site request forgeries
  • a subscriber that extends the template namespace with a _() function for translating message strings
  • an hsts.force_https configuration flag to force incoming requests to https
  • a join_to_transaction function to hang function calls off an after commit hook
  • a whole bunch of other request properties and utility functions

Read the source for more info.


I tend to add things too fast to keep 100% coverage and test against multiple Python versions. So expect code to be tested against python2.7 and to have decent but not exhaustive coverage. Patches to increase compatibility and coverage are very welcome.

To run the tests, pip install mock nose coverage WebTest and e.g.:

$ nosetests pyramid_weblayer --with-doctest --with-coverage --cover-tests --cover-package pyramid_weblayer
Ran 40 tests in 0.297s