Python module to read/write/manipulate SAC (Seismic Analysis Code) files

python, seismology
pip install pysmo==1.0.0.dev0


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Pysmo offers simple data types for seismologists to write code with. Instead of working with one big class containing all kinds of data, psymo uses separate, narrowly defined classes that are more meaningful when describing things that exist in the real world. The type definitions are not tied to any particular file format, and thus free users from needing to adhere to Python data structures often dictated by a rigid underlying file format.

Together with these data types, pysmo provides a growing library of essential functions that benefit from using these types. Programming with pysmo results in code that is:

  • using modern Python concepts.
  • easy to write and understand.
  • both portable and future proof.

Pysmo itself is designed to be modular and easy to expand without interfering with the existing code base, making it straightforward to incorporate user contributions.


  • Helio Tejedor