pytest plugin to test Check_MK checks

pip install pytest-check-mk==0.1.1



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Plugin for py.test to test Check_MK checks.


The following example contains a test suite for the foobar check contained in the Check_MK installation (see share/doc/check_mk/skeleton_check). The check file needs to be named after its agent section, i.e. foobar.

Directory layout

├── agents
│   └── plugins
│       └── foobar_linux
├── checks
│   └── foobar
└── test

Test agent

All executable files in the agents directory can be executed with the agents fixture:

def test_agent_plugin(agents):
    assert agents['plugins/foobar_linux'].run() == '<<<foobar>>>\nFOO BAR\n'

It is also possible to pass commandline arguments to the agent or agent plugin:

def test_fritzbox_agent(agents):
    assert '<<<fritz>>>' in agents['special/agent_fritzbox'].run('--timeout', '20', '')

Test check

Within a single test file one check file can be tested. The name of the check file is set with the test_for module-level variable.

from pytest_check_mk import OK, WARNING, CRITICAL, UNKNOWN

test_for = 'foobar'

sample_plugin_output = '''

def test_inventory(checks):
    assert checks['foobar'].inventory(sample_plugin_output) == []

def test_check(checks):
    item = None
    params = None
    assert checks['foobar'].check(item, params, sample_plugin_output) == (UNKNOWN, 'UNKNOWN - Check not implemented')

def test_settings(checks):
    assert checks['foobar'].service_description == 'FOOBAR'
    assert not checks['foobar'].has_perfdata

Test check with agent data

There is a sort of 'ensure everything works together' assertion. It calls both inventory and check function with a given agent output and checks that the return values match the expected format.

from pytest_check_mk.assertions import assert_inventory_and_check_works_with_check_output

test_for = 'foobar'

def test_check_with_agent_output(agents, checks):
    output = agents['plugins/foobar_linux'].run()
    assert_inventory_and_check_works_with_check_output(checks['foobar'], output)


This software is licensed under GPLv2.