Experimental package to automatically extract test plugins for Home Assistant custom components

home-assistant, homeassistant, homeassistant-custom-component
pip install pytest-homeassistant-custom-component==0.13.135



HA core version

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Package to automatically extract testing plugins from Home Assistant for custom component testing. The goal is to provide the same functionality as the tests in home-assistant/core. pytest-homeassistant-custom-component is updated daily according to the latest homeassistant release including beta.


  • All pytest fixtures can be used as normal, like hass
  • For helpers:
    • home-assistant/core native test: from tests.common import MockConfigEntry
    • custom component test: from pytest_homeassistant_custom_component.common import MockConfigEntry
  • If your integration is inside a custom_components folder, a custom_components/ file or changes to sys.path may be required.
  • enable_custom_integrations fixture is required (versions >=2021.6.0b0)
    • Some fixtures, e.g. recorder_mock, need to be initialized before enable_custom_integrations. See #132.
  • pytest-asyncio might now require asyncio_mode = auto config, see #129.
  • If using load_fixture, the files need to be in a fixtures folder colocated with the tests. For example, a test in can load data from some_data.json using load_fixture from this structure:


More Info

This repository is set up to be nearly fully automatic.

  • Version of home-assistant/core is given in ha_version, pytest_homeassistant_custom_component.const, and in the README above.
  • This package is generated against published releases of homeassistant and updated daily.
  • PRs should not include changes to the pytest_homeassistant_custom_component files. CI testing will automatically generate the new files.

Version Strategy

  • When changes in extraction are required, there will be a change in the minor version.
  • A change in the patch version indicates that it was an automatic update with a homeassistant version.
  • This enables tracking back to which versions of pytest-homeassistant-custom-component can be used for extracting testing utilities from which version of homeassistant.

This package was inspired by pytest-homeassistant by @boralyl, but is intended to more closely and automatically track the home-assistant/core library.