Automatic integration test marking and excluding plugin for pytest

pip install pytest-integration-mark==0.1.0


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Provides a pytest marker integration for integration tests. This marker automatically applies to all tests in a specified integration test folder. Integration tests will not run by default, which is useful for cases where an external dependency needs to be set up first (such as a database service).


This is a pure python package, so it can be installed with pip install pytest-integration-mark or any other dependency manager.


After installation:

Running pytest as usual:

  • Tests marked with @pytest.mark.integration will be skipped
  • Tests in ./tests/integration/... will be skipped

Running pytest --with-integration:

  • Tests marked with @pytest.mark.integration will run
  • Tests in ./tests/integration/... will run

Running pytest --with-integration --integration-tests-folder integration:

  • Tests marked with @pytest.mark.integration will run
  • Tests in ./integration/... will run


This library uses the poetry package manager, which has to be installed before installing other dependencies. Afterwards, run poetry install to create a virtualenv and install all dependencies. To then activate that environment, use poetry shell. To run a command in the environment without activating it, use poetry run <command>.

Black is used (and enforced via workflows) to format all code. Poetry will install it automatically, but running it is up to the user. To format the entire project, run black . inside the virtualenv.


This project uses the Apache 2.0 license and is maintained by the data science team @ Barbora. All contribution are welcome in the form of PRs or raised issues.