Python library for Golos blockchain

pip install python-golos==1.1.1


Python GOLOS Library

This is a fork of golodranets GOLOS library for Python which was forked from official STEEM library for Python. It comes with a BIP38 encrypted wallet.

The main differences from the steem-python:

  • directed to work with GOLOS blockchain
  • websocket support
  • convert Cyrillic to Latin for tags and categories
  • Golos assets - STEEM -> GOLOS, SBD -> GBG, VESTS -> GESTS
  • renamed modules - steem -> golos, steemdata -> golosdata
  • for Post instance added two fields - score_trending and score_hot. This fields may be helpful if you want to sort your saved posts like get_discussions_by_trending and get_discussions_by_trending methods do. reblogged_by field is also filled now
  • for Account instance methods get_followers and get_following were improved - now it takes limit and offset parameters

GOLOS HF 23 is supported.


As regular package:

pip install python-golos

Local installation from source:

cd golos-python
poetry install
poetry shell

Homebrew Build Prereqs

If you're on a mac, you may need to do the following first:

brew install openssl
export CFLAGS="-I$(brew --prefix openssl)/include $CFLAGS"
export LDFLAGS="-L$(brew --prefix openssl)/lib $LDFLAGS"