VK API for Python

pip install pyvk==0.1.1


VK API for Python

VK is one of the major Russian-speaking social networks. PyVK is a no-nonsence boilerplate-free VK API library for Python. It can be used in server or client applications, scripts, or interactively for data retrieval and analysis, social media integration, automation, and fun.


  • Authorisation: PyVK assists both client- and server-side authorisation. It ensures that your password is not stored anywhere in plain-text. It also supports 2FA and captcha/mobile phone login confirmation.
  • Error handling: PyVK wraps API errors into exceptions and can recover from certain kinds of those, such as expired autorisation, temporal ban, or captcha request.
  • Pagination: PyVK can join paginated API responses into a single result.
  • Media uploading: PyVK wraps it into a single method call and makes it to use those files as attachments to posts and messages.
  • Python 2 and 3 : PyVK is tested for CPython 2.6-3.5


>>> from pyvk import ClientAuth, p_docs, p_offline

>>> # Authorisation without tokens and stored passwords
>>> auth = ClientAuth(app_id=<...>, username=<...>, scope=p_docs | p_offline)
>>> auth.auth()
Password: <...>

>>> api = auth.api(version='5.21', lang='en')

>>> # Call API methods as if they were pythonic
>>> api.users.get(user_ids=[210700286], fields=['bdate'])
[{'id': 210700286,
  'first_name': 'Lindsey',
  'last_name': 'Stirling',
  'bdate': '21.9.1986'}]

>>> # Fetch all items from paginated API responses with a single call
>>> from pyvk.helpers import reqn
>>> reqn(api.users.getFollowers, n=1000, user_id=53083705)
{'count': 2255643,
 'items': [404278316,

>>> # Easy file uploading
>>> from pyvk.helpers.uploaders import WallPhotoUploader
>>> up = WallPhotoUploader(api)
>>> with open('cat.jpg', 'rb') as f:
>>>    attach = up.upload(f, attach=True)


Stable versions can be installed using pip:

pip install pyvk

For development version:

pip install git+