Client for HIBP passwords api using K-Anonymity method

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pip install pywnedpasswords==0.65



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This script uses the v2 api to check your password in a secure way (using the K-anonymity method)

The full Hash is never transmitted over the wire, only the first 5 characters. The comparison happens offline.

Special thanks to Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) for making this script possible.


pip install pywnedpasswords




Insert your password when asked.

the output will either be:

Password to check:

Found your password 47205 times.

or in case your password is secure

Password to check:

Your password did not appear in PwnedPasswords yet.

Passing the password as a command line argument

Discouraged - as it might leaves the password in your shell history

pywnedpasswords Passw0rd

Found your password 46980 times.

Piping the password

Discouraged - as it might leaves the password in your shell history

echo -n 'Passw0rd!' | pywnedpasswords 

Found your password 46980 times.

Reading passwords from a file

pywnedpasswords -f list-of-passwords.txt

Result is in the form: <line number>: <number of time the password was found>. 0 meaning the password is not known from Have I Been Pwned yet.

0: 7026
1: 45337
2: 376
3: 51
4: 27
5: 11
6: 136
7: 1
8: 6
9: 1
10: 0
11: 0
12: 0

Exit code

The pywnedpasswords exits with code 2 if the password is know of Have I Been Pwned already, and exit code 0 otherwise.

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