preprocesses SQL queries to make them modular

pip install querypp==0.0.3



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querypp preprocesses SQL queries[1] in order to allow conditional inclusion at runtime. It also includes a loader which loads many queries from a file, delimited by -- :name query_name lines.

[1] Although it is trivially adapted to other languages with line comments, as the only SQL-specific assumption is the comment syntax.

Take an example:

FROM users
-- :block profiles
LEFT JOIN profiles USING (user_id)
-- :block login_history
LEFT JOIN login_history USING (profile_id)
-- :endblock
-- :endblock
-- :block user_id WHERE user_id = $1

A Query object can be called:

  • with no block names to return the entire query
  • with one or more block names to return the query with only those block names.

In this case, q('profiles', 'user_id') would return the query with the login_history JOIN removed.


After moving all my SQL queries to separate files (using the load_sql function), I noticed that I was duplicating some of them except for one extra clause. I created this to allow me to deduplicate such queries.


Public domain, see COPYING