The extensible framework for running Twitter bot flocks.

pip install rainbowmindmachine==23.1



rainbow mind machine is an extendable framework for running Twitter bot flocks in Python.

rainbow mind machine helps with managing multiple twitter bots (bot flocks). It uses a Keymaker object to do the one-time authentication step with Twitter, and uses a Shepherd-Sheep model to run the flock.

rainbow mind machine is a framework because it provides components (Keymaker, Shepherd, and Sheep) with specific roles and ways of interacting.

rainbow mind machine is extendable to keep bots from becoming boring. There are a limited number of components to extend (2), these two components have a simple and clear function call order, and rainbow mind machine tries to use sensible defaults.

That means we start out with bots that "just work" and we can incrementally improve, extend, override, or redefine behaviors to make them increasingly complex, while still abstracting away messy details.

rainbow mind machine on charlesreid1.com

rainbow mind machine on pypi

rainbow mind machine on dockerhub

Installing rainbow mind machine

See installing for installation instructions.

Quick Start

See quickstart for a quick guide to getting a bot up and running, and a few bot flock examples.


See docker for more information about using rainbow mind machine in a docker container.

Dev Workflow

See dev-workflow.md for info about the workflow for uploading changes to pypi and dockerhub.