Radio Astronomy Simulation, Calibration, and Imaging Library

pip install rascil==0.1.5


Radio Astronomy Simulation, Calibration and Imaging Library

The Radio Astronomy Simulation, Calibration and Imaging Library expresses radio interferometry calibration and imaging algorithms in python and numpy. The interfaces all operate with familiar data structures such as image, visibility table, gaintable, etc. The python source code is directly accessible from these documentation pages: see the source link in the top right corner.

To acheive sufficient performance we take a dual pronged approach - using threaded libraries for shared memory processing, and the Dask library for distributed processing.

RASCIL can be installed using pip::

pip install rascil

Other installation instructions such as for development are available from the documentation

RASCIL code is hosted on Github

RASCIL CI/CD occurs on Gitlab

The documentation builds occur in the pipeline on GitLab.