Python SDK for the Ravello API

pip install ravello-sdk==2.17


Ravello Python SDK

This is a micro-SDK for accessing the Ravello API in Python. It also contains a few useful utility scripts.


Installation from the Python Package Index:

$ pip install ravello-sdk

Installation from source:

$ python install

Running the tests

Run the unit tests on your current Python version:

$ python tests/

Run the integration tests on your current Python version:

$ cp test.conf
# edit test.conf and follow the comments
$ python tests/

Run all tests on all supported Python versions:

$ tox


Various usage examples exist for the SDK (credit goes to the relevant contributers):

The following shows a small example of how to use the SDK: When the organization of the user has an identity domain, the user must include it in the username: identity_domain/username . Otherwise use only the username.

from ravello_sdk import *
client = RavelloClient()
client.login('identity_domain/username', 'Passw0rd')
for app in client.get_applications():
    print('Found Application: {0}'.format(app['name']))

Source Code

The source code for this project is on Github.


The Ravello Python SDK is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.