A module for exploring real-time streams of events

pip install realtimekql==2.2.4


Real-Time KQL

To process data with Kusto Query Language (KQL) queries today, users generally have to upload their data to storage first and then query it. The Kql Tools eliminate this need by processing event streams with KQL queries as events arrive, in real-time.



List of Tools

Command Line Tool Python Module PowerShell Module
Documentation Documentation Documentation
Downloads Downloads Downloads
Demo Demo Demo

Supported Event Sources

In addition to processing CSV files, the KQL tools support the following input sources:

Windows Linux
OS Logs WinLog - logs seen in EventVwr or log file(s) on disk Syslog - the OS log
High-Volume Tracing Etw - Event Tracing for Windows EBPF - dynamic interception of kernel and user mode functions (Coming soon)

Supported Event Destinations

Real-Time Output File Output Upload Output
json- Results printed to standard output in JSON format json file - Results written to file in JSON format adx - Upload to Kusto (Azure Data Explorer)
table - Results printed to standard output in table format blob - Upload as JSON objects to BlobStorage


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