REDCap Electronic Data Importer

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pip install redi==0.15.5


RED-I Project

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The REDCap Electronic Data Importer (RED-I) is a tool which is used to automate the process of loading clinical data from Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems into REDCap Study data capture systems. RED-I is a general purpose tool for REDCap data importing suitable for use on any study in any REDCap system. It uses XML lookups to translate data stored in comma separated values (CSV) files and uploads it to a REDCAP Server using the REDCap API. The tool allows study data to be securely uploaded from clinical reporting systems, error checked, and uploaded into REDCap. It provides the investigator with feedback on upload success in the form of summary reporting of the data upload process.

You can view a presentation of the RED-I tool in action on youtube

For the official documentation please refer to or RED-I Project.