A Python gRPC client for Rekcurd.

Rekcurd, Kubernetes, Python, client, gRPC, drucker, ml
pip install rekcurd-client==1.0.2a0



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Rekcurd client is the project for integrating ML module. Any Rekcurd service is connectable. It can connect the Rekcurd service on Kubernetes.

Parent Project




From source:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/rekcurd/python-client.git
cd python-client
python setup.py install

From PyPi directly:

pip install rekcurd_client

How to use

Example is available here.


$ python -m unittest

Method definition

You need to use an appropriate method for your Rekcurd service. The methods are generated according to the input and output formats. V is the length of feature vector. M is the number of classes. If your algorithm is a binary classifier, you set M to 1. If your algorithm is a multi-class classifier, you set M to the number of classes.

method input: data
input: option output: label
output: score
output: option
run_predict_string_string string string (json) string double string (json)
run_predict_string_bytes string string (json) bytes double string (json)
run_predict_string_arrint string string (json) int[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_string_arrfloat string string (json) double[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_string_arrstring string string (json) string[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_bytes_string bytes string (json) string double string (json)
run_predict_bytes_bytes bytes string (json) bytes double string (json)
run_predict_bytes_arrint bytes string (json) int[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_bytes_arrfloat bytes string (json) double[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_bytes_arrstring bytes string (json) string[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrint_string int[V] string (json) string double string (json)
run_predict_arrint_bytes int[V] string (json) bytes double string (json)
run_predict_arrint_arrint int[V] string (json) int[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrint_arrfloat int[V] string (json) double[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrint_arrstring int[V] string (json) string[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrfloat_string double[V] string (json) string double string (json)
run_predict_arrfloat_bytes double[V] string (json) bytes double string (json)
run_predict_arrfloat_arrint double[V] string (json) int[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrfloat_arrfloat double[V] string (json) double[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrfloat_arrstring double[V] string (json) string[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrstring_string string[V] string (json) string double string (json)
run_predict_arrstring_bytes string[V] string (json) bytes double string (json)
run_predict_arrstring_arrint string[V] string (json) int[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrstring_arrfloat string[V] string (json) double[M] double[M] string (json)
run_predict_arrstring_arrstring string[V] string (json) string[M] double[M] string (json)

The input "option" field needs to be a json format. Any style is Ok but we have some reserved fields below.

Field Type Description
suppress_log_input bool True: NOT print the input and output to the log message.
False (default): Print the input and output to the log message.