A Sphinx theme for Renku documentation.

Renku, Sphinx, theme, sphinx-theme
pip install renku-sphinx-theme==0.3.0


Sphinx Theme for Renku Projects

A Sphinx theme for Renku documentation based on RTD theme.


  1. Add renku-sphinx-theme to or requirements.txt used for building your documentation.
  2. Set html_theme to 'renku' in docs/
  3. Configure at least description and github_repo in html_theme_options.

Enjoy your beautiful Renku documentation style.

Style (css)

This repo contains a scss file that generates a css file. The css file shouldn't be manually modified since it's generated with the scss. Instructions to change and run the scss file are inside the scss file.

The easy way of doing style changes in this repository is to go to the renku repo, add a temporary css (custom.css) in the docs/ file and follow this steps:

The reason for this is that renku docs is a better repository for testing changes.

After doing the changes in the temporary css add this to custom.scss in this repository, build this into a css file using the instructions and commit the css and scss files.


To build docs after doing changes, and test things inside this repository

  1. From the base folder... pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

  2. This should be done in case there where changes in fonts or new css files added pip install --editable .

  3. There is no Makefile here but in order to do the "make html" action you should do

    cd docs sphinx-build -b html -d _build/doctrees . _build/html

Docs will be built into _build/html... open this files with chrome to see the changes.


  1. Create a pull request updating renku_sphinx_theme/ to the new version number and CHANGES.rst to list the new changes.
  2. Once the pull request is merged, create a new release.
  3. The release will be automatically be pushed to PyPI.