Allows you to do various things with the kind of unofficial Replit Repl Talk API

repl-talk, replit
pip install repltalk==1.0.1



# Getting the newest posts on Repl Talk and printing their titles
async for post in client.boards.all.get_posts():

API Reference

How to use the repltalk lib for Python. The functions are pretty self explanatory but I've added a short description for each of them.

The following functions are all coroutines unless specifically specified because asyncio is cool


class repltalk.Client()

  • await login(username, password) Logs in to with your username and password. Your bot must be verified in order to use this function.
  • await get_post(post_id) Gets the post with that id. returns Post
  • await get_comment(comment_id) Gets the comment with that id. returns Comment
  • await post_exists(post_id) Returns whether or not the post exists.
  • await get_leaderboard(limit=30) Gets the top users from the Repl Talk leaderboard. returns list of Users
  • await get_all_comments() Gets all the recent comments from Repl Talk. *returns list of Comments
  • await get_user(username) Gets the user with that username. returns User
  • await get_reports(resolved=False) Gets a list of reports. Only works for moderators or admins. See Report List
  • boards See Board.


class client.boards

  • all The All board on Repl Talk.
  • share The Share board on Repl Talk.
  • ask The Ask board on Repl Talk.
  • announcements The Announcements board on Repl Talk.
  • challenge The Challenge board on Repl Talk.
  • learn The Learn board on Repl Talk.

  • async for post in get_posts(sort='top', search='') Gets the most recent posts from that board. Sort is the sorting order (top|hot|new) and search is the search query. returns AsyncPostList


A board that contains all the information from Board, and more. You can get this by doing await client.boards.get(board_name) (NOT YET ADDED)

  • name The name of the board.
  • title_cta Title call to action
  • body_cta Body call to action
  • button_cta Button call to action
  • repl_required Whether a Repl is required to be submitted.


  • id The post ID.
  • title The post title.
  • content The post content.
  • board The board the post was made on.
  • votes The amount of upvotes the post has.
  • author The post author. Will be a User object.
  • timestamp The time the post was created at. (datetime.datetime object)
  • url The post url in Repl Talk.
  • repl The repl attached to the post.
  • language The Language that the Repl attached to the post uses.
  • show_hosted Indicates whether the post has a hosted repl linked to it.
  • is_announcement Whether the post is marked as an announcement.
  • pinned Whether the post has been pinned to the top of the board.
  • can_edit Indicates if the user can edit the post. This will be False unless you created the post.
  • can_comment If the user can comment on the post.
  • can_vote Indicates if the user can upvote the post.
  • has_voted Indicates if the user has already voted on the post.
  • is_locked Indicates if the post is locked.
  • can_answer Whether or not the user can answer the post.
  • answered If the post has been answered (will always be False if it's not a question).
  • comment_count The amount of comments the post has
  • await get_comments() Gets the comments on the post.
  • await post_comment(content) Posts a comment on the post.
  • await report(reason) Report the post
  • await delete() Delete the Post


  • id The comment ID.
  • content The comment body.
  • timestamp The time the comment was created at. (datetime.datetime object)
  • can_edit Indicates if the user can edit the comment.
  • can_comment Whether or not the user can post a comment.
  • url The comment's url.
  • votes Gets the amount of upvotes the comment has.
  • can_vote Indicates if the user can vote on the comment.
  • has_voted Indicates if the user has already upvoted the post.
  • author The User for the author of the post.
  • post The post that the comment was made on.
  • replies A list of replies that the comment received.
  • parent The parent comment, if any.
  • await reply(content) Replies to the comment with the content.
  • await report(reason) Report the comment
  • await delete() Delete the comment


  • id The user ID. Pretty useless since you can't get the user from their id.
  • name The user's username.
  • avatar The user's avatar url.
  • url The user's profile link.
  • cycles The amount of cycles/karma that user has.
  • roles The roles the user has set on their profile.
  • bio The short description written by a user on their profile.
  • first_name What the user set as their first name in their profile
  • last_name What the user set as their last name in their profile
  • languages The Languages that the user uses most often.
  • timestamp The time when the user account was created. (datetime.datetime object)
  • is_hacker Whether the user has the hacker plan
  • await get_comments(limit=30, order='new') Get a list of up to 1100 of the users comments. See Comment
  • await get_posts(limit=30, order='new') Get a list of up to 100 of the user's posts. See Post
  • await ban(reason) Ban the user


Acts like a normal list, except you can iterate over it

  • await next() Gets the next page of posts. Not present in AsyncPostList because it's done automatically.
  • board Gets the board of the repls it's getting from


  • id The Repl ID.
  • embed_url The url for embedding the Repl on a web page.
  • url The url of the Repl.
  • title The title of the Repl.
  • language The Language of the Repl.


Represents a programming language on

  • id Gets the ID of the language (ie python3).
  • display_name Gets the display name of the language (ie Python).
  • icon Gets the url for the language icon.
  • category Gets the category that the language is listed as.
  • is_new Whether the language was recently added to
  • tagline A short description of the language.

Report List

List of reports. see Report If linked post/comment is deleted is lazy report, See lazyReport

  • for report in get_reports Cycles through the reports, with lazy posts/comments.
  • async for report in get_reports Cycles through the reports with full posts, if there is a post.


A report on a comment or post

  • id The report id
  • type The type of the report. ('post' or 'comment')
  • reason Why the report was made
  • timestamp When the report was created
  • creator Who created the report
  • await get_attached() Get the attached post/comment

Lazy Report

A less complete report

  • id The report id
  • reason Why the report was made
  • creator Who created the report

Lazy Post

A less complete post

  • url The url to the post
  • id The post's id
  • author The post's author
  • content The post's content
  • title The post's title
  • await delete() Delete the post
  • await get_full_post() Returns the full post

Lazy Comment

A less complete comment

  • url The url to the comment
  • id The comment's id
  • author The comment's author
  • content The comment's content
  • await delete() Delete the comment
  • await get_full_comment() Returns the full comment