RikerBot is a framework for creating Python Minecraft Bots with C++ extensions

minecraft, cpp20, python, rikerbot
pip install rikerbot==0.0.2



The Next Generation of Minecraft Bot

A C++20/Python Minecraft bot under heavy development. If you don't like what you see today, come back tomorrow! Features are arriving fast!

Things Riker can do today:
  • Full protocol support, including authentication, targeting the latest protocol supported by minecraft-data (currently 1.16.5)
  • Parse world updates and provide an accessible interface to block data
Why build Riker and not work on an existing project?:
  • Built from the ground up around code generation. This makes the maintenance burden of keeping up with Mojang much lower than some other projects.
  • Fun and Accessible Python API when you want it, High Performance C++ API when you need it.
  • If you want to build a modern Minecraft bot using only open source technology (not modding the Mojang client, Malmo-style), your only option today is Mineflayer. Mineflayer and all of PrismarineJS are excellent projects, but maybe you're not a NodeJS programmer. RikerBot brings much needed diversity to the Minecraft bot ecosystem.
Feature Roadmap:
  • Physics 🏃
  • Pathfinding
Framework Nice-To-Haves (things to work on when features are done):
  • Multi-threaded job system
  • More packets accessible in Python
Housekeeping (Good projects for new people!):
  • Spin mcd2cpp out into its own project
  • Default settings parser
  • CI builds and push to PyPI
  • Docs, Docs, Docs, Docs, Docs!


Please refer to the documentation for building and installing RikerBot. The project is still extremely young and changes are happening daily, so the documentation, where it exists, may lag actual usage.

The best way to get started once you have installed RikerBot is to refer to the ExamplePlugin.

Get Involved

Please open issues or better yet, a pull request for things you would like to see in Riker. You can find me on Freenode #mcdevs as nickelpro or reach out to me through email or social media.

Special Thanks

Lots of people have contributed to the third-party Minecraft community, too many to list here. These are some people who's work I interact with everytime I work on Minecraft.

  • TkTech, Grand Poobah of Third-Party Minecraft, keeps the lights on for us lesser devs.
  • Pokechu22, Master Scribe and Artisan, documents all things Minecraft great and small and maintains irreplacable infrastructure like Burger.
  • rom1504, Chairman of the Prismarine, this project literally doesn't exist without the hard work of Rom and all the other Prismarine contributors.

And thanks to my friends gjum, and gamingrobot. SpockBot walked so that RikerBot could run and knowing that people liked my little block game robot enough to so significantly improve it meant and means a lot.