Tool to manage development environments for web applications using containers - HTTP and WebSocket Reverse Proxy Server

pip install riptide-proxy==0.8.1



Main packages: lib proxy cli
Container-Backends: engine_docker    
Database Drivers: db_mysql db_mongo  
Plugins: php_xdebug    
Related Projects: configcrunch    
More: docs repo docker_images

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Riptide is a set of tools to manage development environments for web applications. It's using container virtualization tools, such as Docker to run all services needed for a project.

It's goal is to be easy to use by developers. Riptide abstracts the virtualization in such a way that the environment behaves exactly as if you were running it natively, without the need to install any other requirements the project may have.

It can be installed via pip by installing riptide-proxy.

Proxy Server

This repository implements a HTTP(s) and WebSocket reverse proxy server for use with Riptide projects. It supports auto-starting of Riptide projects. Routing of projects is based on hostnames.

If riptide-mission-control is installed, a proxy server for it is started at control.riptide.local (where riptide.local is your configured proxy server URL).

for-docs Branch

The for-docs branch should always be based on master. It contains only one commit that removes python-prctl and certauth from the dependencies for Read the Docs, since rtd can't install them.

If anyone knows of a better way to do this, please let me know.


The complete documentation for Riptide can be found at Read the Docs.