Robot Framework Automation Library for Android

robotframework, testing, testautomation, android, calabash, robotium
pip install robotframework-androidlibrary==0.2.0



robotframework-androidlibrary is a Robot Framework test library for all your Android automation needs.

It uses Calabash Android to communicate with your instrumented Android application similar to how Selenium WebDriver talks to your web browser.

Deprecation Warning

Lovely Systems does not not support this package anymore and do not have any follow up package in the same area. If anyone is interested to continue our efforts and would like to manage the contributors in this open source project, feel free to fork the package and give me a hint, so I can create a link to your fork!

best regards, Manfred (Github: schwendinger, schwendinger at


To install, just fetch the latest version from PyPI:

pip install --upgrade robotframework-androidlibrary


To use the library, import it at the beginning of a Robot Framework Test:

Setting Value
Library AndroidLibrary


The keyword documentation can be found at <>

Prepare your App

robotframework-androidlibrary uses calabash-android underneath. To install calabash-android (we've only tested this with v0.3.2 yet), use the following command:

gem install --version '= 0.4.18' calabash-android

To prepare your android app look at <>


robotframework is a port of the ruby-based calabash-android and therefore licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0

Development by Lovely Systems GmbH, sponsored by Axel Springer AG.