Custom report for robot framework

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pip install robotframework-metrics==3.3.3


Robot Framework Metrics Report

Creates custom HTML report (dashboard view) by parsing robotframework output.xml file

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  • Sample Report link

  • Whats new in v3.3.1 link

How it Works:

  1. Read output.xml file using robot.api - ResultVisitor, ExecutionResult API Link

  2. Get Suite, Test Case , Keyword , Status and Elapsed time values

  3. Convert data to html report

How to use in project:

Step 1 Install robotmetrics

Case 1: Using pip

pip install robotframework-metrics==3.3.3

Case 2: Using (clone project and run command within root)

python install

Case 3: For latest changes use following command (pre-release or changes in master)

pip install git+

Step 2 Execute robotmetrics command to generate report

Case 1: No change in output.xml file name (assumig user is in same folder)


Case 2: output.xml under 'Result' folder

robotmetrics --inputpath ./Result/ --output output1.xml

For more info on command line options use:

robotmetrics --help

Generate robotframework-metrics after execution

Execute robotmetrics command after suite or test execution as follows:

  • Create .bat (or) .sh file with following snippet

    robot test.robot &
    robotmetrics [:options]

    & is used to execute multiple command's in .bat file

  • Modify robotmetrics command as required and execute .bat file

  • Robotframework metrics will be created after execution

If you have any questions / suggestions / comments on the report, please feel free to reach me at

Special Thanks To:

Idea, Guidance and Support:

  • Steve Fisher
  • Goutham Duduka


  1. Pekka Klarck [Author of robotframework]

  2. Ruud Prijs

  3. Jesse Zacharias

  4. Bassam Khouri

  5. Francesco Spegni

  6. Sreelesh Kunnath


  1. Mantri Sri
  2. Prasad Ozarkar
  3. Suresh Parimi
  4. Amit Lohar
  5. Robotframework community users

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