Script for release notes and labeling upon deploys

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pip install rocket-releaser==0.1.0


Rocket Releaser CircleCI PyPI version

Library for creating release notes based on PR descriptions for a set of git changes.

example slack message


pip install rocket-releaser


python -m rocket_releaser github_token start_sha end_sha github_org github_repo -r repo_location --vpc_name staging --env_name staging --search_branch staging --slack_webhook_key slack_key

This would label PR's inbetween first and second sha with "staging" and send the release notes to slack. If you are using a personal github account the "github_org" would be your github username.

The github token must have "repo" scope access and the token's user must have write access to the repo.

You can also pass in Jira paramaters to label Jira tickets.

--jira_token jiraToken --jira_username --jira_url

PR format:

To label PR's and tickets your PR's should be formatted like so:

<!-- Detailed PR description for reviewers goes here... --> 

Change default avatar image #public Closes [ENG-1234]

- Newline after RELEASES (need this for proper formatting in slack).
- Add a helpful description!
- Try to make it human readable.
- Keep it a single line.
- Add the ticket number in square brackets.
- Indicate whether the release will close or fix a ticket with Closes or Fixes before the ticket number.

default avatar image should be a penguin [ENG-1234]


Q: Why use this over semantic-release?

A: Semantic-release's slack plugin as of 05/21 does not generate an extended changelog. Semantic Release does not have a plugin for tagging github PR's or tickets either, as far as I am aware.

Q: How do I run this using Ansible?

A: See