ROPGenerator makes ROP exploits easy by finding and chaining gadgets

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pip install ropgenerator==



ROPGenerator is a tool that makes ROP exploits easy. It enables you to automatically find gadgets or build ROP chains. The current version supports x86 and x64 binaries.


ROPGenerator uses the tool ROPgadget ( to extract gadgets from binaries and the barf-project ( to disassembly them. After gadgets are extracted, it analyzes them in order to compute their semantic and stores them according to their usefullness. Once the analysis is done, you can request ROPGenerator to automatically find gadgets or ROP chains by supplying semantic queries.

ROPGenerator is written in python. The tool has python2-only dependencies so it runs under python2 so far.

Note: Version is now released with: faster gadget search, more chaining strategies, more advanced exploit features !

Why using ROPGenerator ?

  • Nice Command Line Interface : Enjoy a nice and smooth CLI with easy-to-use commands
  • Semantic gadget search : Find your gadgets quickly by only specifying the desired semantics
  • Gadget chaining engine : No suitable single gadget ? ROPGenerator will build ROP chains for you
  • Fully automated exploit building : ROPGenerator can build entire exploits... all by itself !


Install ROPGenerator

You can download the source and run

$ python install
$ ROPGenerator

Install Dependencies

ROPGenerator depends on ROPgadget, prompt_toolkit, enum, python-magic, and barf v0.5.0:

  • python-magic, enum, barf v0.5.0, and prompt_toolkit packages will be added automaticaly during installation
  • ROPgadget need to be installed manually from the github repo since the currently available package on pypi is not up-to-date (version 5.6 is required).

Simply run

$ git clone
$ cd ROPgadget && python install  

Getting started

ROPGenerator is very easy to use ! For a quick starting guide, check ROPGenerator's Wiki

See also the screenshots below !


Launch ROPGenerator

Alt text

Get help

Alt text

Load gadgets from a binary

Alt text

Easily look for gadgets !

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text