Mikrotik RouterOS backup tool

pip install rosbak==0.0.1


Mikrotik RouterOS backup tool


pip3 install rosbak

What is rosbak

rosbak is a Python command line tool which allows backup Mikrotik RouterOS routers and switches.

Keeping backup files inside RouterOS is usually unsafe, as when the equipment fail, you have no access to them.

rosbak performs RouterOS backup and copies files to the specified location.


  • RouterOS >= 6.45, as rosbak uses scp
  • RouterOS ssh service should be turned on
  • You should have an access to RouterOS host


rosbak [options] <host>


rosbak -d /backups router1


You may put configuration to /usr/local/etc/rosbak.yml

Configuration contains global variable dir which points to default backup location (you may use {host} param e.g. /backups/{host}, in this case backups are stored e.g. to /backups/router1)

Host sections in configuration file may contain router IP (addr), port, backup delay, etc.

Configuration file is optional.

Why backup delay

RouterOS performs backups in background. Backup delay param is required to ask rosbak wait the specified number of seconds before copying backup.


Command line param -x or export: true in host configuration tells rosbak to perform configuration export as well (/export file=...)

Configuration exports are useful when you need to restore backup partially, manually copying settings one-by-one (e.g. when restoring it on the another model).

Copyright and warranty

rosbak is provided as-is under MIT license. rosbak is a 3rd party tool and is not affiliated with SIA Mikrotīkls.