A simple Route53 API for Python 2.7/3.x, powered by requests.

pip install route53==1.0.1



Info: A Python 2.7/3.x compatible Route53 module.
Author: Greg Taylor
Status: No longer actively maintained. Speak up if interested in taking over!

The python-route53 Python package is a simple Python 3 compatible API for Amazon's Route 53.

Why not boto?

boto is a wonderful piece of software, one that I continue to contribute to. However, we needed a Python 3 compatible route53 module, and boto has a long way to go on this front.

I've also taken what I feel is a more simple, minimalistic API design. That is entirely subjective, though, and boto is perfectly viable.

Getting started

Head on over and read the documentation.

Current status

Beta, but generally useful to anyone. Great unit test coverage, good documentation.


python-route53 is licensed under the BSD License.