rtsptogo is a tivo togo proxy serving mp4 video over RSTP

tivo, rstp, mobile
pip install rtsptogo==0.1.4dev2


rtsptogo is a rtsp server for tivos.

It has an html interface listing tivos and the contents. It then links to
an rtsp stream of each file.

I have has success streaming SD content from a HD tivo to a nexus one, G1,
vlc and totem over a lan. Real time transfers spead is needed from your
tivo to computer and a real time transcode.

All the data is also available in json by making the same get requests with a
Accept: application/json header.

A newish web.py is needed, ffmpeg with libx264 and libfaac support (I am using
the medibuntu lucid package), and tivodecode. I have been using python2.6
older may work.

Put a config file in /etc/rtsptogo.conf, /usr/local/etcrtsptogo.conf or
~/.rtsptogo.conf then "python -m rtsptogo.main" or rtsptogo if you installed
with pip to start it up.