Script for creating a new s3 bucket with webhosting turned on.

pip install s3domain==1.0.1


Installation & Usage

To install, run pip install s3domain. To use, run s3domain. Additional arguments may be specified. Run s3domain --help for more information.


Your AWS credentials can be set in a number of ways:

  1. In a ".boto" file in your home folder. See Boto's documentation for how to create this file.
  2. In a ".aws" file in the folder you're running d3ploy in. Follows the same format as ".boto".
  3. In the environment variables "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" and "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY".
  4. Passed in as arguments. -a or --access-key for the Access Key ID and -s or --access-secret for the Secret Access Key.
  5. In the per-enviroment configuration outlined below.


Short Code Long Code Description Default
-l --location which S3 region to set the bucket up in (USA or EU) USA
-a --access-key Amazon Access Key none
-s --access-secret Amazon Access Secret none
-w --www make a second bucket with "www." prepended to the bucket name false
-d --dns setup DNS records for the bucket(s) on Route53 false
--dns-zone the DNS zone file to add the records to the bucket name
-i --index the name of the index file for the webhosting rules index.html
-e --error the name of the error file for the webhosting rules 404.html
-r --redirect a URI or domain name to redirect all requests to none

The bucket's name is passed as the only positional argument: s3domain dryan.com.