Santi's Tools: useful APIs for every Python dev!

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pip install santitools==1.0.7


Santi's Tools

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This repo contains a set of Python tools and APIs that I use for personal projects.

These utilities are:

  • Filesystem ( A collection of tools for working with files, synchronously or using co-routines.
  • Colors ( It provides 3 ways to colorize your text with ANSI escape sequences: using an already-built dictionary, a function or a special colorizer object.
  • Math ( A set of math functions (for randomness mostly) and highly accurate math constants.
  • Time ( A time API that's very similar to JavaScript's Date object.
  • Screen Clear ( A function to easily clear the screen, by using 1 of 2 methods: the os module's system function or an ANSI escape sequence.
  • Bisect ( A binary-search algorithm as a function. It's useful for finding a value in a sorted list, with a logarithmic time complexity.

It so happens I just packaged this project, so now you can install it with the command pip install santitools. Try it out!

*WARNING: The math randomness functions are just as safe as the built-in random module. They are just a JavaScript-like wrapper.