Classes implementing the SARIF 2.1.0 object model.

pip install sarif-om==1.0.4



Python classes for the SARIF 2.1.0 object model


pip install sarif-python-om

import sarif_om


This module contains classes for the object model defined by the Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) Version 2.1.0 file format, an OASIS Committee Specification.

To learn more about SARIF and find resources for working with it, you can visit the SARIF Home Page.

The source code is available at


The classes in this module were generated from the SARIF JSON schema by the jschema-to-python code generator, using the JSON schema file sarif-2.1.0-rtm.4.json and the code generation hints file code-gen-hints.json at the root of the GitHub repo, with the following command line:

pip install jschema-to-python

py -m jschema_to_python
    --schema-path sarif-2.1.0-rtm.4.json
    --module-name sarif_om
    --output-directory sarif_om
    --root-class-name SarifLog
    --hints-file-path code-gen-hints.json


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