A Python library for working with Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalogs (STAC)

pip install sat-stac==0.4.1



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This is a Python 3 library for reading and working with existing Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalogs (STAC). It can be used to

The features for creating and updating existing catalogs in past versions have been removed in 0.4.0. If writing catalogs is needed, see PySTAC.


sat-stac has minimal dependencies (requests and python-dateutil). To install sat-stac from PyPi: sat-stac can be installed from pip or the source repository.

$ pip install sat-stac

From source repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/sat-utils/sat-stac.git
$ cd sat-stac
$ pip install .


To install a specific versions of sat-stac, install the matching version of sat-stac.

pip install sat-stac==0.1.0

The table below shows the corresponding versions between sat-stac and STAC:

sat-stac STAC
0.1.x 0.6.x - 0.7.x
0.2.x 0.6.x - 0.7.x
0.3.x 0.6.x - 0.9.x
0.4.x 0.6.x - 1.0.0-beta.1


There are two tutorials. Tutorial-1 includes an overview of how to create and manipulate STAC static catalogs. Tutorial-2 is on the Python classes that reflect STAC entities: Catalogs, Collections, and Items.


sat-stac is part of a collection of tools called sat-utils.