Utilities for writing servers in Python

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pip install satella==2.25.3



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Satella is an almost-zero-requirements Python 3.7+ library for writing server applications. It has arisen out of my requirements to have some classes or design patterns handy, and kinda wish-they-were-in-the-stdlib ones. especially those dealing with mundane but useful things. It also runs on PyPy, and most of it runs on Windows (the part not dealing with forking processes, you see).

Satella uses semantic versioning 2.0.

Satella contains, among other things:

Most Satella objects make heavy use of __slots__, so they are memory friendly and usable on embedded systems, where memory is at premium.

Change log is kept as part of release notes. The CHANGELOG.md file is only to track changes since last release.

Full documentation is available for the brave souls that do decide to use this library.

See LICENSE for text of the license. This library may contain code taken from elsewhere on the internets, so this is copyright (c) respective authors.

If you want to install extra modules, just run

pip install satella[extras]

Running unit tests

Tests run by default on GitHub Actions.

They should pass on Windows too, but some tests requiring POSIX-like functionality are skipped.

Automatic release system

Releases happen automatically. Just add a tag with the name of the version.

NOTE that changes from 2.25 will be numbered as tags without the prefix v!