Schemdraw Markdown - A simpler way to document simple circuits in markdown.

pip install schemdraw-markdown==0.0.3


Schemdraw Extension for Python-Markdown

a simpler way to document circuits in markdown

Inspiration: This project is inspired by the wonderful project: plantuml-markdown. So, shoutout to the folks who've toiled on that project to make it great!


This package allows you to configure a schematic drawing, directly in markdown using a code-fenced sample as follows:

::schemdraw:: alt="My super diagram"
    += elm.Resistor().right().label('1Ω')
    += elm.Capacitor().down().label('10μF')
    += elm.Line().left()
    += elm.SourceSin().up().label('10V')

⚠️ Security Note

This package makes use of Python's exec functionality, which is inherently somewhat insecure, as it allows for arbitrary code execution. Only carfully curated drawings logic should be used.


Installing from PyPI

Yeah! It's "official," now! You can just pip-install the package with:

$ pip3 install schemdraw-markdown

Installing from Source

  1. Clone Repository
  2. From within local Repository folder, issue:
pip install .