Template library for multi-language code generation

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Scope is a library for creating code templates with pure Python code. Its goal is to allow defining a simple and clear structure for code templates, by offering a basic set of utilities that can be extended for providing language-specific constructs. It basically offers an internal DSL for defining and serializing templates in Python.

For this first release, it's provided a basic set for generating C++ code, but I will be extending to support more languages over time.

Scope is based in Brevé, a similar tool for generating HTML, and I created it so I can use it in another one of my projects, spgen, but I intend to fully support the project.


You can define a simple template as the following code,

import scope.lang.cpp as cpp
import scope

template = cpp.tfile [
	'#include <string>',

    cpp.tclass(name='App') [
    	cpp.tattribute('std::string', '_name'),

        cpp.tmethod('std::string', 'GetName', visibility=cpp.PUBLIC, const=True) [
            'return this->_name;'

        cpp.tmethod('void', 'SetName', ['const std::string & value'], visibility=cpp.PUBLIC) [
            'this->_name = value;'

With the template you can just serialize it into a string with scope.serialize(template) and then print it or save it as a file.


It requires Python 2.6+ or 3.2+


You can use pip,

pip install scope

Or if you downloaded the source code then just call,

python install


Go to the project's Wiki to learn about how you can use the library.


This project is under the MIT License.


  • 0.1.1 - just update so PyPI recognize the different README.
  • 0.1.0 - first release.