Scrapy middleware for submitting URLs to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

archiving, python, scrapy, wayback-machine
pip install scrapy-wayback-middleware==0.3.1


Scrapy Wayback Middleware

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Middleware for submitting all scraped response URLs to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for archival.


pip install scrapy-wayback-middleware


Add scrapy_wayback_middleware.WaybackMiddleware to your project's SPIDER_MIDDLEWARES settings. By default, the middleware will make GET requests to{URL}, but if the WAYBACK_MIDDLEWARE_POST setting is True then it will make POST requests to instead.


To configure custom behavior for certain methods, subclass WaybackMiddleware and override the get_item_urls method to pull additional links to archive from individual items or handle_wayback to change how responses from the Wayback Machine are handled. The WAYBACK_MIDDLEWARE_POST can be set to True to adjust request behavior.

Duplicate Filtering

In order to avoid sending duplicate requests with WAYBACK_MIDDLEWARE_POST set to False, you'll need to either include in your spider's allowed_domains property (if specified) or disable scrapy.spidermiddlewares.offsite.OffsiteMiddleware in your settings.

Rate Limits

While neither endpoint returns headers indicating specific rate limits, the GET endpoint at has a rate limit of 25 requests/minute, resetting each minute. The middleware is configured to wait for 60 seconds whenever it sees a 429 error code to handle this.