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pip install screenshotscloud==1.0.4


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Get high quality real browser screenshots in seconds using our reliable CDN backed API service.

Get an API Key to start using this fast screenshot API service at ScreenshotsCloud.


Tested against Python 2.6+ and 3.2+


Install via pip

pip install screenshotscloud

Once installed you can generate screenshot urls as follows:

from screenshotscloud import ScreenshotsCloud

screenshotscloud = ScreenshotsCloud('SCREENSHOTSCLOUD_KEY', 'SCREENSHOTSCLOUD_SECRET')

screenshotUrl = screenshotscloud.screenshotUrl({
	"url": "",
	"width": 800


These are the options you can use to customize your screenshot.

Parameter Default Description
url Required. The website address that you want to take a screenshot of.
browser fastest Which browser to run the request on. chrome for Google Chrome, firefox for Mozilla Firefox, fastest to run the request on both browsers and return the request from the browser which renders the screenshot fastest. Defaults to fastest.
width 1920 Width of the thumbnail. This option is only valid for png or jpg format options.
viewport_width 1920 Width of the browser viewport this is the actual width of the page before we resize it for the thumbnail.
viewport_height (1320) Height of the browser viewport, if you do not give this parameter we will calculate it for you based on viewport_width in 16:10 ratio.
full_page false Capture a full length screenshot of the requested page. If the format is pdf this option will always be true.
format png Output the screenshot as a PNG (png), JPEG (jpg) image or PDF (pdf).
quality 95 (if format=jpg) Set the jpeg quality of the screenshot if jpeg is set as the format.
delay 250 Amount of time to wait in milliseconds before taking a screenshot of the page after it is fully loaded. Maximum 60000 (1 minute), minimum 100.
cache_time 2592000 Amount of time in seconds to wait before taking a fresh screenshot for the same request. Maximum 2592000 (30 days), minimum 1.
force false Force a new screenshot to be taken with no cache.
user_agent Recent Firefox or Chrome User Agent Set the user agent this screenshot will identify as. Useful for identifying as a mobile or tablet browser or to identify as a specific browser if the website pretends it needs Internet Explorer.
trim false Trim the excess space around the resulting screenshot using the most top left pixel color, useful for SVG's.
language en Accept-Language header customization for websites that support it, set ja for Japanese, de for German etc.
cookie Semi colon separated list of cookies e.g. fruit=apple; drink=tea
disable_javascript false Don't execute javascript on this page. Forces browser=firefox.
disable_images false Don't download images on this page. Forces browser=firefox.
timeout 300000 Amount of time in milliseconds to wait before taking the screenshot anyway. Maximum 300000 (5 minutes).
mobile false Shortcut to set pixel_ratio, user_agent, viewport_width, viewport_height and width to that of the latest iPhone.
pixel_ratio 1 Multiplier that sets the pixel density of the page relative to the resolution, useful for taking retina screenshots (2).
click_selector Accepts valid DOM selector (#wantedselector). Rendered screenshot will only display contents of DOM selector.
wait_selector Accepts valid DOM selector (.valid_selector > .another_class). We will not take the screenshot until .valid_selector appears on this screen and is not display:none; or timeout is reached.
clip_selector Accepts valid DOM selector (e.g. .valid_selector:not(div)). Rendered screenshot will only display contents of DOM selector. This option is only valid for png or jpg format options.
hover_selector Accepts valid DOM selector (e.g. #wantedselector). Mouse will be hovered over the first instance of the selector you specify. Forces browser=chrome.

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