SDSS guider actor

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pip install sdss-cherno==0.6.8



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SDSS guider actor


In general you should be able to install cherno by doing

pip install sdss-cherno

To build from source, use

git clone
cd cherno
pip install .


cherno uses poetry for dependency management and packaging. To work with an editable install it's recommended that you setup poetry and install cherno in a virtual environment by doing

poetry install

Style and type checking

This project uses the black code style with 88-character line lengths for code and docstrings. It is recommended that you run black on save. Imports must be sorted using isort. The GitHub test workflow checks all the Python file to make sure they comply with the black formatting.

Configuration files for flake8, isort, and black are provided and will be applied by most editors. For Visual Studio Code, the following project file is compatible with the project configuration:

    "python.formatting.provider": "black",
    "[python]" : {
        "editor.codeActionsOnSave": {
            "source.organizeImports": true
        "editor.formatOnSave": true
    "[markdown]": {
        "editor.wordWrapColumn": 88
    "[restructuredtext]": {
        "editor.wordWrapColumn": 88
    "editor.rulers": [88],
    "editor.wordWrapColumn": 88,
    "python.analysis.typeCheckingMode": "basic"

This assumes that the Python and Pylance extensions are installed.

This project uses type hints. Typing is enforced by the test workflow using pyright (in practice this means that if Pylance doesn't produce any errors in basic mode, pyright shouldn't).