A python client to interact with the Sedaro API.

pip install sedaro==4.10.17


Sedaro Python Client

This is the repository that houses the Sedaro Python Client (stored in directory sedaro/). Other files and directories in this repository help with development and maintenance of the Sedaro Python Client. See below for some helpful notes regarding those other files and directories.


See Sedaro Python Client for usage instructions.

To run tests:

  • For Sedaro devs testing in the local development environment: make sure sedaro-app container is running.
  • Create a tests/config.py file based on the tests/config_example.py file:
    • For Sedaro devs testing in the live environment: update the HOST variable to 'http://localhost:80'.
    • For non-Sedaro devs testing in a dedicated Sedaro instance: update the HOST to the url of your Sedaro server.
  • Ensure pytest is installed in the python environment ($ pip install pytest). If you use the python_version_manager to create the virtual environment, it will be installed.


python3 tests

To switch python version in this directory's virtual environment:

Install the python version you want to use if it isn't already installed:

brew install python@3.7
brew install python@3.8
brew install python@3.9
brew install python@3.10

To check curent python version:

python3 -V

Option #1 (custom script)

  • Use the custom python version manager designed for use in this directory. You will be prompted on how to proceed.

    python3 python_version_manager

Option #2 (manual)

  • Create and activate virtual environment (first deactivate current virtual environment and delete .venv directory if already exists):

    • Switch out "3.8" for desired version
    python3.8 -m venv ./.venv
    source .venv/bin/activate
  • Install sedaro python client:

    pip install -e sedaro
    pip install pytest

To run client generator:

Note: this is designed and set up for Sedaro dev's use.

python3 client_generator