Base class with serialization helpers for user-defined Python objects

pip install serializable==0.2.1


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Base class with serialization methods for user-defined Python objects


Classes which inherit from Serializable are enabled with default implementations of to_json, from_json, __reduce__ (for pickling), and other serialization helpers.

A derived class must either:

  • have a member data matching the name of each argument to __init__
  • provide a user-defined to_dict() method which returns a dictionary whose keys match the arguments to __init__

If you change the keyword arguments to a class which derives from Serializable but would like to be able to deserialize older JSON representations then you can define a class-level dictionary called _KEYWORD_ALIASES which maps old keywords to new names (or None if a keyword was removed).


  • Serializable objects must inherit from Serializable, be tuples or namedtuples, be serializble primitive types such as dict, list, int, float, or str.

  • The serialized representation of objects relies on reserved keywords (such as "__name__", and "__class__"), so dictionaries are expected to not contain any keys which begin with two underscores.