Adds twine_check and twine_upload commands to setuptools.

setuptools, twine
pip install setuptools-twine==0.1.3


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This package adds twine_check and twine_upload commands to setuptools. These commands are equivalent to running twine check or twine upload, but always operate on the latest source distribution and wheel generated by sdist and bdist_wheel.

Basic Usage

Install with pip:

pip install setuptools-twine

If you only want to simply your workflow that currently uses twine check or twine upload, you can invoke the commands manually:

python twine_check
python twine_upload

Note that you no longer need to specify the dist/* files as with twine check or twine upload; they are determined automatically from the results of the sdist and bdist_wheel commands.

Advanced Usage

If you're a package author or maintainer looking to automate even more, you can add setuptools-twine as a setup_requires dependency in your project's setup.cfg:

setup_requires =

Then, create an alias command to encapsulate multiple commands in one:

pypi_upload = clean sdist bdist_wheel twine_check twine_upload

Now, you can build, check, and upload with a single command:

python pypi_upload


  • Allow passing additional options to twine_check and twine_upload commands.
  • Allow using only source distributions or wheels, instead of both.
  • Allow uploading other output formats in addition to source distributions and wheels.