Sewer is a programmatic Lets Encrypt(ACME) client

letsencrypt, ACME, dns-01, http-01, RFC8555, acme-client, certbot, certificate-signing-request
pip install sewer==0.8.4



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Sewer is a Let's Encrypt(ACME) client.
It's name is derived from Kenyan hip hop artiste, Kitu Sewer.

PYTHON compatibility: 3.5 is nominally still supported, and with assistance from Github's multi-version Python linting I've repaired some issues. Even with the GH multi-version testing, there are parts of the drivers, especially, which I simply can't test (with 3.5) because the actual service provider interaction has to be mocked. Such issues will be fixed on a best-effort basis when reported for the life of 0.8.

I (maintainer @mmaney) loiter in channel ##sewer (on for those who remember IRC. Don't ask to ask, but waiting is.



pip3 install sewer

# with All DNS Provider support, include aliyun, Hurricane Electric, Aurora, ACME ...
# pip3 install sewer[alldns]

# with Cloudflare support
# pip3 install sewer[cloudflare]

# with Aliyun support
# pip3 install sewer[aliyun]

# with HE DNS(Hurricane Electric DNS) support
# pip3 install sewer[hurricane]

# with Aurora DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[aurora]

# with ACME DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[acmedns]

# with Rackspace DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[rackspace]

# with DNSPod DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[dnspod]

# with DuckDNS DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[duckdns]

# with ClouDNS DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[cloudns]

# with AWS Route 53 DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[route53]

# with PowerDNS DNS Support
# pip3 install sewer[powerdns]

sewer(since version 0.5.0) is now python3 only. To install the (now unsupported) python2 version:

pip install sewer==0.3.0

Sewer is in active development and it's API will change in backward incompatible ways.

Development setup

See the how to contribute documentation


  • Why another ACME client?
    I wanted an ACME client that I could use to programmatically(as a library) acquire/get certificates. However I could not find anything satisfactory for use in Python code.
  • Why is it called Sewer? I really like the Kenyan hip hop artiste going by the name of Kitu Sewer.