Show HDD/SSD list

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pip install shd==0.0.12


Show pretty HDD/SSD list

Long time ago when I've switched from Solaris to Linux, I missed the "hd" utility. In Linux "hd" command is used for hex dump, in Solaris it displayed a pretty table with HDD info.

I had written "shd" shell script with a similar functionality. After I rewrote it in Python, added options and pretty colors. The current version 0.1 comes in Rust, as statically built binaries for x86_64 Linux, i686, ARM and AARCH64.


Install smartmontools (>=7.0), then download the appropriate binary from the releases page, chmod +x and enjoy.


shd [-h] [--temp-warn TEMP] [--temp-crit TEMP] [-R] [-y] [-e] [-s] [-f]

  --temp-warn TEMP  Warning temperature, default: 40 C
  --temp-crit TEMP  Critical temperature, default: 45 C
  -f, --fahrenheit  Temperature in Fahrenheit
  -R, --raw         Suppress colors
  -y, --full        Display full disk info
  -e, --errors      Display only disks with errors / critical temperature
  -s, --no-header   Suppress header

Exit codes

  • 1 critical temperature
  • 2 errors detected
  • 3 smartctl error

The tool considers a drive has errors if its smart status is either not reported or reported as passed=false.