Intelligent simulation handler for power system load flow simulations

pip install simhandler==1.0.1



What is this repository for?

  • Software development of an intelligent simulation handler for power system load flow simulations
  • Project completed as partial requirement of attaining MSc at the University of Alberta

How do I get set up?

  • pip install simhandler

  • To run the basic 3 node example:

    1. Download 3node.json file

    *Put it somewhere convenient (ie: Downloads folder) as 3node.json

    1. In a Python editor write the following basic test:


import numpy as np

from simhandler.smartsim import SmartPSLF

configuration_file = insert path to your 3node.json file (ex: 'C:/Users/mikey/Downloads/3node.json')

sim = SmartPSLF(configuration_file)

fake_load_profile = np.ones((10,3)) # Ten timesteps, three input nodes

print( # Prints out ten voltage timesteps. Three nodes per timestep


  1. It should look something like belowphoto of basic test

Contribution guidelines

  • Follow PEP8 guidelines with the following exception: use lowercaseUppercase function naming instead of snake_case


  • If you find a bug or want a feature. Create an issue
  • Otherwise, send emails with title 'Intelligent Simulation Handler - Question/Comment' to