Simple simulated lightcurve generation

astronomy, lightcurve-classification, lightcurves, simulation, transient-astronomy
pip install simlightcurve==alpha1



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Work in progress

The aim for this project is a collection of functions ('models', if you like, although they're rather simplified ones) that can be used to fit the lightcurves of astronomical transients. The feature-set we're aiming for are as follows:

  • A well-documented and consistent interface, so it's easy for end-users to install and get started.
  • Well-referenced - whenever appropriate, links to the papers defining the function are provided.
  • Performant - lightcurve evaluations should be as fast as possible to enable use on large data-sets, or under MCMC evaluation, etc. Initially this means writing numpy-evaluated functions, in the long run it may mean exploration of alternative optimizations.
  • Make use of the astropy.modeling package, to leverage existing functionality there.
  • Minimal - just the functions and some basic utility routines are provided - this package is 'agnostic' about how the lightcurves are used to analyse data, which should make it more widely reusable (for example with various MCMC packages).