A super simple cli tool to update dns records

pip install simple-cloudflare-ddns==4.0.0


CloudFlare DDNS

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This script will update cloudflare dns with new dynamic ips when the current one changes. Please check the settings.yml file to ensure its correct.


  • No IPv6 support(My isp does not assing ipv6 address I can not test if this works)

If you wish to conrtbute to this project please check the file.

The scipt can be got at I will be publishing docs on how to use the inbuilt functions. For a quick setup you can use the following commands.

$ cloudflareddns --gen-settings # this will create a file called settings.yml
$ cloudflareddns # this will get record ids

after running this you can run cloudflareddns --ddns to skip getting the record id as it is stored in the settings.yml You can verify if the settings.yml is correct by running cloudflareddns --verify