A really, really, simple HTTP PyPI-like server

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pip install simplepypi==0.2.2


This is a really, really, simple HTTP PyPI-like server.

It is intended to be used for companies or organizations that need a private PyPi.

It literally supports four functions:

- Allows uploading of packages
- Downloading by package (or package and version)
- A / page that is navigatable with a web browser
- /pypi/ listing

It does not support:

- Stopping you from overwriting a package with the same name / version
- Registering packages
- Any sort of ACLs

To use it run "simplepypi". You can upload packages by:

Install twine if you haven't already:

pip install twine

Build your package if you haven't already:

python setup.py sdist

Upload your package using twine:

$ twine upload --repository-url dist/*
Uploading distributions to
Enter your username: <whatever>
Enter your password: <doesn't matter, see above>

Then, when you want to install packages from it you do:

pip install -i <your favorite package>

Or, if you're stuck in the stone ages with setuptools/easy_install:

from setuptools import setup


python setup.py install

To use the docker image, build and run:

docker build -t simplepypi .
docker run -it -p 8000:8000 simplepypi

Not using twine yet? Here is the legacy way of uploading Python packages (not recommended):

Modify your ~/.pypirc so it looks like:

index-servers =

username: <whatever>
password: <doesn't matter, see above>


Run this on the setup.py of your favorite package:

$ python setup.py sdist upload -r local

And that's it!