A set of MapReduce programs to process brain images

pip install simtools==0.2


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Spark for neuroIMaging (sim)

A set of Spark MapReduce programs to process brain images (large datasets and/or large images)



Install the Python package:

  • pip install simtools

Spark BIDS Demo

Spark BIDS is a tool to process BIDS datasets with BIDS apps on a Spark cluster, leveraging the "Map Reduce" model built in BIDS apps. It supports participant and group analyses.

To run the demo:

spark_bids ./test/demo/bids-app-example.json ./test/demo/ds001 output

It should produce the following output:

Computed Analyses: Subject [ YES ] - Group [ YES ]
 [ SUCCESS ] sub-01
 [ SUCCESS ] sub-02
 [ SUCCESS ] group

A directory named output should also be created with the following content:

avg_brain_size.txt  sub-01_brain.nii.gz  sub-02_brain.nii.gz

The content of avg_brain_size.txt should be:

Average brain size is 830532 voxels

Other examples

Other examples of Spark pipelines to process brain images are found in other-examples:

  • - histogram generation
  • - image binarization example using FSL installation in Docker container
  • - image binarization without containerization. Testing difference between in-memory computing and writing to disk at each pipeline step