A built environment analysis and modeling library for Python.

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pip install sitka==0.1.4


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Sitka is a built environment analysis and modeling library for Python.

This library is intended to make modeling and simulation for the built environment more hackable and easier to use for:

  • Portable design tools
  • Scalable web apps and services
  • Quick design and analysis studies
  • Interactive simulations and analyses
  • Testing new models

The library is currently being written entirely in Python using Pandas as a core dependency in order to allow easier integration with data analysis in Jupyter.

A focus of this project is to create tools to make building models more hackable. The library can be used to create a simple model just a few inputs or a larger whole building model can be created by connecting multiple objects.


You can install Sitka on your local machine, virtualenv, or server. It is completely written in Python, so it is easily portable to any machine with Python installed. The sitka package is available on pypi. The latest version can be installed using pip.

# using PyPI
pip install sitka



  • Weather - Import a weather file in EPW format and convert to series.
  • Solar: Calculate solar angles for a site and determine solar radiation on surfaces.
  • Envelope and Constructions (FUTURE): Wall and window construction models.
  • Thermal Zone (FUTURE): Model thermal zones using the Heat Balance Method.
  • HVAC Systems (FUTURE): Model air-side and water-side HVAC systems.


You can find the documentation on the website.


Example files are provided in the sitka-examples repo.


Contributors are welcome. You can start by submitting an issue.


Sitka is MIT licensed.