Unofficial Fork of Feature Selection Repository in Python (DMML Lab@ASU)

Feature Selection Repository
pip install skfeature-chappers==1.0.3


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scikit-feature is an open-source (GNU General Public License v2.0) feature selection repository in Python developed by Data Mining and Machine Learning Lab at Arizona State University.

It serves as a platform for facilitating feature selection application, research and comparative study. It is designed to share widely used feature selection algorithms developed in the feature selection research, and offer convenience for researchers and practitioners to perform empirical evaluation in developing new feature selection algorithms.

This is may or may not be a temporary fork of the original repository as development seems to have stalled and various modules have be depreciated due to updates to scikit-learn. I will see if should get reintegrated back into the original project if it ever gets revived again.

Forked project information

Original scikit-feature project information


From Sources

  • Unpack the source package somewhere
  • Run python install from the source distribution's top level folder

From pip

pip install skfeature-chappers