Utilities library meant as a complement to django-is-core.

pip install skip-django-chamber==0.7.1



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Chamber contains a collection of useful base model classes, form fields, model fields, decorators, or other shortcuts to aid web development in Django.

One can think of it as a toolbox with utilities that were too small to justify creating a standalone library and therefore ended up here. Hence the name Chamber.


The most noteworthy part of Chamber is the alternative base class for Django models called SmartModel. It provides following additional features:

Other useful components include:

  • AuditModel -- adds created_at and changed_at fields to the basic Django model,
  • SmartQuerySet -- adds fast_distinct method to querysets (useful for PostgreSQL),
  • several enum classes such as ChoicesNumEnum or SequenceChoiceEnum,
  • new Django-style shortcuts such as get_object_or_none, change_and_save, or bulk_change_and_save.
  • MigrationLoadFixture class that supports loading Django fixtures inside a database migration
  • ...and more.

Contributing & Documentation

You are welcomed to contribute at There is an example project in the repository. Your feature should be added to this example project with tests as well as the documentation.

  1. Go to the example directory and call make install to install it.
  2. Run tests using make test.

Known Issues

  • documentation of this library is a work in progress, needs a lot of attention
  • SmartModel extends the AuditModel and therefore always adds created_at and changed_at fields to the model which is not always desirable


This library is licenced under MIT licence. See the LICENCE file for details.